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3 Reasons We Love Sapphires


Each colour of sapphire has warmth and silkiness, which combined with a beautiful brilliance, makes these gems appear almost luminescent.


Worn by royalty for centuries, sapphires are tough enough to stand the test of time, allowing you to enjoy them everyday.


Rare sapphires such as our natural colour-change sapphires are our favourites to find, as these are true natural treasures.

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Sapphires make amazing engagement rings, just ask the Duchess of Cambridge. You’re sure to find your favourite colour in our selection.


With such a wide variety of colours, there’s a stunning sapphire ring for everyone and every occasion.


Whatever your style or favourite colour, you’re sure to find something stunning to set off any outfit.

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Pop into our boutique to peruse our extensive collection of rare and unique sapphires. We can make the perfect piece tailored to you.

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