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3 Reasons We Love Aquamarines


We only pick Brazilian aquamarines with the finest blue-green colour to remind you of the ocean.


Aquamarines have a clarity rarely seen in other gemstones, giving them a sense of purity directly contrasting to their mysterious family member, emeralds.


Aquamarines can come in a wide array and sizes. Our favourite is the unique aquamarine featured in our Telstar ring.

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Aquamarines’ stunning pale blue is perfect if you want just a hint of colour in your engagement ring.


Whether a cocktail ring or a more delicate design, aquamarines make amazing rings, no matter the occasion!


Their pastel colour makes aquamarines incredibly wearable, whether it’s a petite piece or a larger set.

Bespoke Services

From aquamarine snowflakes, to sets and rings, we have four decades of experience in collaborating with our clients to create beautiful and unique pieces.

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