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3 Reasons We Love Rubies


From the same family as sapphires, rubies share their radiant warmth of colour which gives a richness not seen in other red stones.


Fine natural rubies are rarer than diamonds, so we love searching for the best rubies to make into beautiful jewellery.


One of our all-time favourite pieces is a stunningly rare bracelet featuring ten perfectly matched one carat unheated Burmese rubies.

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Rubies are a lovely choice for a romantic engagement ring. Take a look at our beautiful selection.


Red is a great colour for making a statement. Our stunning rubies will always make you stand out from the crowd.


If red is your colour, we’ll definitely have the perfect piece for you in our ruby jewellery collection.

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We have an amazing selection of fine rubies ready to be made into stunning pieces. Why not pop in to take a look?

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