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3 Reasons We Love Tourmalines


Tourmalines have an amazing range of intense and consistent colours including cool steel blues, hot pinks and lush greens.


Watermelon tourmalines, with their clear boundaries of colour between pink and green, are an amazing gemmological phenomenon. Perfect for fun jewellery!


Paraiba tourmalines are mesmerising neon blue, which you have to see to believe. Our Nirvana ring is one of our favourite pieces.

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With their intensity of colour and affordability for larger stones, tourmalines can give your engagement ring the 'wow factor'.


Coming in a multitude of colours, tourmalines add a fun splash of colour to our stunning cocktail rings.


Whether you have a favourite colour or you’re matching an outfit, we’re sure to have a beautiful tourmaline piece that’s perfect.

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With so many colour variations, tourmalines are a great option for adding colour to a bespoke piece.

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