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The bright, vibrant colour of a yellow diamond is spectacular. Ranging from warm browns to fancy intense yellow, these beautiful diamonds evoke happiness by being reminiscent of sunshine.

3 Reasons We Love Yellow Diamonds


Their luminous colour makes us happy as yellow diamonds glow and sparkle like sunlight. Yellow diamonds get their colour from the presence of nitrogen. The more nitrogen in a diamond, the more yellow it will appear. Yellow diamonds range in colour from warm browns to faint yellows, then all the way to fancy vivid yellow and we love them all!


We do love a rare gem and natural yellow coloured diamonds are no exception. To put their rarity into perspective, approximately only 1 carat out of 10,000 carats of diamonds that are mined will be a yellow diamond.


They are time capsules! Diamonds are one of the most valuable gemstones in the world, but they are also very valuable to geoscientists. Mineral inclusions in diamonds are the most direct samples we have from the inaccessible depths of earth. Yellow diamonds have often been studied for this reason because of their high levels of nitrogen as opposed to other diamonds, providing information about water in the earth’s interior, the mineralogy of the deep earth and metallic phases in the deep earth.

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