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A rare gemstone that comes in every colour of the rainbow. Spinel is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world as every colour of spinel is so deep and vibrant.

3 Reasons We Love Spinels


The vibrancy of each and every colour. Spinels are found in cool grays, soft pastel shades of pinks, beautiful violets and lavender, flame-like oranges, rich reds and the most striking intense blues.


The way they sparkle. Spinels are more reflective than a ruby due to their glittering optics and once they are cut and polished, their brilliance rivals other gemstones of the same colour.


They have a long history of mistaken identity. Spinels are often found in deep red shades and have been mistaken as rubies throughout history. Perhaps the most famous case of this is that of the Black Prince’s Ruby – one of the most famous gems of the British Crown Jewels. Believed to have been a ruby for many years, the Black Prince’s Ruby is actually a glowing red uncut spinel weighing approximately 170 carats.

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Spinels are the perfect choice in creating a bespoke piece of jewellery because they are available in every colour of the rainbow.

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