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Green diamonds are exceptionally rare, making them a unique and desired choice for jewellery lovers. We love to feature them in beautiful pieces of jewellery from elegant engagement rings to stunning pendants and earrings.

3 Reasons We Love Green Diamonds


Their scarcity and captivating green hue are a perfect choice for those who are drawn to the rare and the unique. Green diamonds owe their stunning colour to a natural phenomenon which occurs when diamonds come into close contact with uranium from rocks near to the surface of the earth.


We mentioned that green diamonds are rare… but to put this into perspective, only one in 10,000 diamonds mined will be a green diamond. They are found in different shades from faint green, to very light green, light green, fancy light green, fancy green, fancy intense green, fancy dark green, fancy deep green, and fancy vivid green.


Have you ever heard of a Chameleon diamond? An incredibly rare gem that has a resting greenish colour, transforming to a golden yellow in prolonged heat exposure or prolonged darkness. Researchers still do not know exactly how this fascinating colour change occurs… however it is likely due to the combination of hydrogen, nickel and nitrogen in the crystal lattice.

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