Sapphires are found in a wide variety of different shades and colours. From deep royal to cornflower blue, to green, purple, pink, yellow and orange, the combinations of colour seem endless. Perhaps the most striking of all is the padparadscha colour, a unique pinkish-orange blend, named after the Sanskrit/Singhalese word meaning lotus flower.

Our collection also includes colour change sapphires which shine purple indoors and deep blue outside, true natural treasures to behold. If you wish to come in and look at some of these magnificent hardwearing stones, simply make an appointment with Jason Hirsh who would be delighted to talk you through his favorite examples.

The wide range of colours means there is a sapphire for everyone and every occasion. The classic blue makes an amazing engagement ring, just ask the Duchess of Cambridge. Our founder Anthony Hirsh was privileged to have handled the large sapphire which was sold by Garrard to Prince Charles, who gave it to Princess Diana, and is now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge.