Hirsh Story

Established in 1980 by Anthony Hirsh. The brand started by making jewellery for international companies in their London Atelier and in 1986 their first boutique opened. The cognoscenti became aware of their expertise in natural colour diamonds and gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds, aquamarines, rubies and spinel.  Jewellery at the time tended to be very plain, Hirsh’s bright and colourful windows therefore quickly gained them a reputation both at home and abroad.

This colourful trend continues today in their perfectly placed Mayfair boutique where Sophia and Jason welcome their clientele personally and help them through their design choice before handing over to their highly skilled master craftsmen who create their jewellery from hand-drawn sketches before beginning working with precious metals in the almost lost art of fine jewellery making in their Atelier.

They believe in natural beauty, Jason, a gemologist is always looking for the most stunning natural colour gemstones and personally selects each and every gem Hirsh uses before creating the designs for each piece. Hirsh’s gemstones and diamonds contain no chemical enhancements or irradiation, they prefer it that way.

Hirsh is now also well known for its innovative approach to jewellery making. Following on from their ‘Suspense’ diamond collection which featured the worlds first diamond earrings with an ingenious invisible setting and the eponymous Hirsh ‘Celestial’ rings with unique spinning movements, they have now created the ‘Advantage’ flexible diamonds tennis bracelet, the first of its kind in Britain with a unique patented titanium movement.

Hirsh prefer to give their clients a personal experience, which is why you will always find one of the owners at the boutique to meet with their clients. They enjoy spending time with each one, often getting to know them well as they start a life long journey of creating meaningful pieces of jewellery from a timeless engagement ring to celebratory pieces of jewellery.


Anthony Hirsh 

A 60 year jewellery career travelling the world sourcing the finest gemstones, then designing and manufacturing fine jewellery in London.

"Tony" is known for his fabulous tales of adventure from the Palace in Brunei to the Jungles of South America, stories that he is always eager to share.



Jason Hirsh

A gemologist known for buying the finest gems, Jason has a lifelong passion for jewellery, designing his first piece aged 10.

With a wealth of luxury experience, Jason blazes a trail around the world to source the finest gemstones for his designs.



Sophia Hirsh 

Growing up in Switzerland and Sweden before moving to London to begin her jewellery career with British houses Asprey and Garrard.

Overseeing Burberry's most successful flagship store prepared her for growing her own British luxury house.